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ReLeaf Center Bentonville Medical Marijuana Review

ReLeaf Center Bentonville Medical Marijuana Review

ReLeaf Center Bentonville Medical Marijuana Review

The medical marijuana industry in Arkansas continues to grow as dispensaries expand into the Northwest. ReLeaf Center Bentonville is one of the few dispensaries in Northwest Arkansas. ReLeaf Center in Bentonville offers a wide range of medical marijuana products. It has sold more medical marijuana than most other cannabis dispensaries in the state, and it’s been approved to start growing medical cannabis. ReLeaf Center is committed to delivering high-quality and reasonably medicinal marijuana in a safe and compassionate environment.

Why Choose ReLeaf Center Bentonville Medical Marijuana Dispensary 

Below are reasons to visit ReLeaf Center for your medical marijuana needs:

Complementary Phone Consultation

A reason why you should choose ReLeaf Center for your medical marijuana needs is that you get to enjoy a phone consultation with a licensed pharmacist. ReLeaf is committed to ensuring that each of its clients gets the most out of its medical marijuana products. The dispensary isn’t only concerned with selling out its products. You get to talk with a professional at the ReLeaf Center Bentonville and discuss all you need to confess to improve your treatment journey and overall experience with medical marijuana use. 

Wide stock of products

The brand has a wide range of medical marijuana products, including the ones it cultivated and ones sourced from other cultivators. This ensures patients have any products they need to improve their health in one stop.

Educational Resources

The dispensary also features essential educational resources on its website to learn more about Cannabis and how it can maximize therapeutic purposes better. This also helps in making it the perfect dispensary for your medical marijuana needs.

What Marijuana Products Are Available at ReLeaf Center Dispensary in Bentonville?

What Marijuana Products Are Available at ReLeaf Center Dispensary in Bentonville

What Marijuana Products Are Available at ReLeaf Center Dispensary in Bentonville

ReLeaf Center has a wide variety of high-quality medical cannabis products in stock, allowing patients to find the product that the marijuana doctor recommends. This includes:

Cannabis flower

At ReLeaf Center Bentonville dispensary, you can get dried marijuana flowers. The Cannabis flower is mostly consumed through smoking. Flower is a good medical cannabis product as you can take a small amount and steadily work up until you find the appropriate dosage. It has a rapid onset of action but doesn’t last long in the body system, making it a great option for immediate relief. It’s important to know that it’s not the most suitable form of marijuana for overnight treatment. 

Vape products

Other popular cannabis products you can find at the medical cannabis dispensary are disposable vape pens and vape cartridges. These products are made using concentrated cannabis extracts. They also have a quick onset of action. Due to the concentrated extracts in their formulation, vape products are usually very potent and offer fast, intense relief. 


Tinctures are a cannabis concentrate that is consumed sublingually. You can easily ingest a medical cannabis tincture by putting a few drops, as your physician recommends, under the tongue. The tongue is highly vascularised and offers an effective route for drug therapy. Its onset of action isn’t as fast as that of medical cannabis flower and vape products but lasts much longer in the system.  


Edibles are consumables infused with medical cannabis. Edibles have a slower onset of action but are long-lasting and very potent. This product is easy and convenient to get started with.

Where is the ReLeaf Center located?

ReLeaf Center is at 9400 E. McNelly Rd., Bentonville, Arkansas, 72712.  Its strategically somewhat rural location compared to other dispensaries in the state. This helped them in offering an accessible destination where those that need medical marijuana can enjoy a peaceful, discrete, premium experience with an unmatched level of privacy and service.

Reviews from Releaf Center Bentonville Clients

“Oh my gosh. This is my favorite place to go. Kind, helpful staff! And always have good options! Pretty quick. Excellent music usually while waiting. Oh, and they deliver! I tried that once, and it was great, except they got my order wrong. Missing three things and getting one unexpected thing. All the rest was right.

I will give it a try again. I trust them to make it right.

I also love that they grow and sell their plants and products” – Leslie Walker.

Reviews from Releaf Center Bentonville Clients

Reviews from Releaf Center Bentonville Clients

“So AWESOME! Yesterday was my first visit to a dispensary in Arkansas, and wow, I was blown away at RLC. Andrew, Diedra, Stephanie, Alex, and Lee, all of you were amazing, and so nice meeting each of you! Thank you so much for showing me the ropes and welcoming me. Excited for my next visit!” – Nicole Rodriguez

“I couldn’t have been more pleased with my first visit here at Releaf! From the location (which is breathtaking) to the wonderful, professional, and exceptionally friendly staff ~ my all-around experience was amazing. I highly recommend this place and definitely over The Source. I appreciate you guys; thank you!” – Aud.

“Best dispensary in NWA, hands down. Knowledgeable, friendly, and supportive folk. Safe and welcoming atmosphere. Delivery is same-day and reliable. Selection is well-curated, well-priced, and constantly rotating. Daily sales, the first Friday of the month, and 4/20 events are INSANE. Worth the drive from anywhere in NWA.” – Katarina Rose 

“When I first discovered The Releaf Center a couple of years ago, I felt the prices were a little too high in comparison to coming from a recreational state.

However, fast forward to 2023, when I needed a new dispensary, I saw this place had really good product prices, so I decided to visit them. The kind staff welcomed me; they gave me a tour of their products and provided amazing information on the strains and terpene profiles. Every person there was knowledgeable, kind, and helpful. To top it off, they provide a military discount that stacks their other great deals. This is my first Arkansas dispensary in NWA, and I don’t see myself going anywhere else anytime soon.” – James Wright.

“Not going to lie. I have shopped around. I always like getting the most for my money, but I love over quantity. It is great that they have Shake because I can try the more high-end stuff to see if I like it without spending a lot and being disappointed. I have a long history of medical problems, and so I’m always looking for new information about how to improve my quality of life. No matter the number of questions I have, they’ll always answer to the best of their ability, and if they can’t, they will grab someone to answer your questions. They’re very nice about getting seating at the desk if you need it. If you have a brain injury like me, they are very understanding and are one of the better dispensaries that are patient with me because I don’t always ask questions correctly the first time. And my God, are they located in a beautiful area(less taxes too)? Although there is no indoor waiting area, they always keep it cool or heated with outside equipment. The lines are never that long, and if they are, I’m not waiting very long. They typically have six people to do orders, so the wait time is not bad. I don’t know what else to say because at least six of these people know me by face or name, and having that rapport is very helpful because of my medical problems and my brain injury. So if you have a brain injury, I’m telling you this is where you should go; patient, kind, and courteous. Love you all!” – Misty Ann

Frequently asked questions

How do I get to the ReLeaf Center dispensary store?

The ReLeaf Center is at 9400 E. McNelly Rd., Bentonville, Arkansas, 72712. You can put the address into your map for easier navigation.

How is the ReLeaf Center different compared to other dispensaries in Arkansas?

It is dedicated to ensuring that patients get premium quality products at affordable prices.

Do I need a medical marijuana card?

Yes, you do need one. You can quickly get one by asking for a recommendation from a licensed medical marijuana doctor.