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Pure Ohio Wellness – Ohio Medical Marijuana Review

Ohio Medical Marijuana Review

Ohio Medical Marijuana Review


Pure Ohio Wellness is a medical marijuana company specializing in cultivating, processing, and dispensing high-quality medical marijuana. It’s locally owned and operated to serve patients in Ohio looking to improve their health conditions with medical marijuana use. The company uses all-natural ingredients to produce medical marijuana to ensure that it provides patients in Ohio with safe and pure products.

The company cultivation facility features locally grown strains such as Tahoe Jack, Wedding Mints, Yellow Bud, Royal Caramel, Deez Grapes, and Glass Slipper and its own Pure Ohio Wellness strain such as Grape Cookies, Gelato, Skunky Jack, Banana Kush, Amarelo, Blue Blast, and many others. All of the strains produced in Ohio are processed into various medical marijuana products.

Why You Should Choose Pure Ohio Wellness

Medical cannabis cultivation

There are limitations to safety standards and efficacy measures that a brand can make when it sources medical marijuana. However, when cultivated cannabis itself, it can enforce and implement the necessary safety and quality standards.

This is one of the reasons that make Pure Ohio Wellness stand out when it comes to medical marijuana dispensing. The company cultivates quality and pure strains and processes the plants into high-quality medical marijuana products so patients in Ohio can enjoy more at a lesser cost.

Affordable Costs and Discounts

Medical marijuana products don’t have to be extremely expensive to mediate their therapeutic effects; you can get quality products at Pure Ohio Wellness at good prices. Not only are their products reasonably priced, but the brand is also always on the lookout for how to make the lives of patients in Ohio easier by offering discounts and special deals.

The brand almost always has a discount or the other, all so patients can access quality products at affordable prices and save money.

Staff dedication

Pure Ohio Wellness has a team that’s dedicated to helping every one of the patients seeking symptom relief from medical marijuana use. The professionals help with obtaining recommendations and medical marijuana cards, as well as the product selection process.

Medical Marijuana Products Available at Pure Ohio Wellness Dispensary

Medical Marijuana Products Available at Pure Ohio Wellness Dispensary

Medical Marijuana Products Available at Pure Ohio Wellness Dispensary

Pure Ohio Wellness dispensary has a variety of menus, all of which you can get online or pick up at different store locations. They include:


Medical cannabis at Pure Ohio Wellness has different classifications which affect their prices. Tier-1 contains up to 23% THC, and Tier-2 contains about 23%-35%. Tier-2 products are typically more expensive than Tier-1. The prices range from $18-$60 for 2.83g of the products. There are also larger package options. Marijuana flowers are consumed by smoking.


Tinctures are another set of products from Pure Ohio Wellness. They’re oral drops consumed sublingually. They offer patients a reliable and consistent dose that lasts an average of 6 hours. The tinctures are available in THC-dominant options, CBD-dominant options, and mixed-ratio 1:1 CBD/THC options.


Edibles at Pure Ohio Wellness are available in several different forms and options, all of which offer potent symptom relief. THC edibles can be up to 2-4 times more psychoactive potency than other products on this list due to their metabolism in the body. The various edible options come in the forms of gummies, edible oil, dark & milk chocolates, peppermints, lozenges, caramels, granola squares, and dried fruit leather in THC-dominant, CBD-dominant, and mixed-ratio THC/THC options.


Concentrated oils and waxes can contain up to a maximum limit of 70% THC. These are suitable options for patients seeking potent relief. The concentrated oils are available from Pure Ohio Wellness cultivating factory, and the processed form has ranged from terp sauce to budder, sauce, live resin, and solventless options.

Transdermal Patches

Transdermal patches are the first topical cannabis product available in Ohio dispensaries, including Pure Ohio Wellness. The patches can be applied directly to the skin for bloodstream absorption for relief that can last up to 12 hours. There is an 11 mg (THC) option and a 21 mg (THC) option with bulk pack availability. Topical salves have also recently been introduced and work similarly to transdermal patches.

Reviews of Pure Ohio Wellness

Below are reviews and testimonials from Pure Ohio Wellness clients:

Reviews of Pure Ohio Wellness

Reviews of Pure Ohio Wellness

“I recommend coming here. They have amazing customer service! Also, not only do they have monthly deals, they have daily deals! I’ve been extremely happy with everything I have tried so far! The staff is all so nice and friendly, and they are so welcoming.”

Kelsie Bryant

“I only go to this dispensary because everyone is very knowledgeable, and they have the best security!!! You will be safe!! Joshua is amazing, and they will chat with you and ask how you are doing?!! Just awesome people, and I drive 30 minutes longer to go here!! 100% will only go here!”

Rayne Williams

“First time visiting, and I WILL be back! They gave me a hard copy of my medical mj card! Until now, I have been using a digital copy on my phone, and having the actual card is so convenient! I got a Lookah Unicorn mini dab rig for approx $55, which is a DEAL! This thing is amazing, so easy to use! Makes concentrating a WHOLE lot easier and safer, and at THAT price, you can’t beat it! Got some great badder that has laid me out. The staff were all so friendly and helpful, they got me right in and out in less than 15 minutes, and I was a first-time visitor, so I had to fill out paperwork and get put in the system. You have to do that everywhere. They had lots of stuff on sale too, so it was nice to save a little money, as well. Overall, Pure Ohio Wellness (POW) was a professional, mellow, clean, and friendly environment. The staff were welcoming and kind. The menu had a pretty thorough and wide selection, none of which was overpriced. I would recommend stopping by POW!!!”


“Pure Ohio is the most friendly dispensary in Ohio. Everyone from the security at the door and the working staff are welcoming. I love those happy workers at Pure Ohio Dispensary. They’re absolutely by far the Best of the best”.


“I have chronic pain and feel like the higher % indica helps better. I had Meigs County Pearl 41 suggested, so I bought it at only 17.7% of the total THC. I didn’t get a couch lock, but I did feel relaxed and still able to function. Thanks for the recommendation!”.

Rachel Leonard

Frequently asked questions

How Do I Get An Ohio Marijuana Card to Buy Product From Pure Ohio Wellness Dispensary?

You can schedule an appointment online with the professionals at Pure Ohio Wellness dispensary for a step-up step guide on obtaining an MMJ card in Ohio. You will need your valid Ohio I.D. (or passport with an Ohio address) and medical records documenting one of the 21 qualifying conditions in Ohio’s program to qualify for the card collection.

How Much Does Medical Marijuana Cost at Pure Ohio Wellness Dispensary?

Pure Ohio Wellness offers marijuana products at good prices, and prices will vary depending on the specific product and quantity. Ohio’s product availability currently includes flowers, concentrated waxes, oils, edibles, tinctures, transdermal patches, and others; contact the dispensary for more pricing information.