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Harvest of Athens – Cannabis Dispensary Review


Harvest of Athens – Cannabis Dispensary Review

Harvest of Athens – Cannabis Dispensary Review

Harvest of Athens is a medical marijuana dispensary that provides high-quality medical marijuana products to patients with a medical marijuana card from a certified marijuana doctor. Harvest of Athens offers many cannabis products, including flowers, edibles, tinctures, concentrates, and topicals.

Harvest of Athens is a famous cannabis cultivation company and dispensary in Athens, Columbus, and Beavercreek. There are many things to love about the brand as it offers quality medical cannabis products. It has its own cultivation facility to ensure that all of its medical marijuana products are of high quality. The company has about 25,000 square feet of growing cannabis, with enough facilities to sustain nearly 6,500 premium flowering plants. The facility is optimized with standard engineered systems, which allows the plants to maximize sunlight hours at every stage of the cultivation process. 

Harvest of Athens is rising to become one of the top producers of ultra-premium medical cannabis in Athens due to its efficient and functional cultivation systems and dispensary, coupled with the team’s efforts and dedication. Besides its enormous cultivation facility, the Harvest processing facility is another excellent thing about the brand.

Right in the middle of the grow facility is the processing facility. The processing facility features some of the best Cannabis drying, extraction, and processing facilities. The ultimate goal of these systems and the company effort is to produce the premium Harvest edibles, cartridges, vapes, and other products that Harvest of Athens is known for.

Products Available at Harvest of Athens


Harvest of Athens offers the dried and cured option of the cannabis plant. The cannabis strains offered by Harvest vary in strains.

This also influences their potency and the overall experience you get when you consume Cannabis flowers, so ensure you get the recommended appropriate dosing from your doctor before you use medical marijuana flowers to treat any health condition.


Harvest of Athens also has a large stock of edibles. Medical marijuana edibles are handmade in the Harvest processing facility, like all other products. The edibles are vegan and gluten-free and feature all-natural flavors and colors.

The popular edibles at Harvest include the 220mg Indica Gummies, 100mg Indica Gummies, High Potency Gummies (Strawberry) and many others.


There are also tinctures available at Harvest of Athens. The medical marijuana extract is designed for consumption sublingually; it’s not to be smoked or vaporized.

It’s absorbed under the tongue for best results and offers an immediate onset of action. It comes with a measured dropper for micro-dosing to ensure appropriate dosage and avoid overdose.


Medical marijuana can also be obtained in topical formulations. Topicals offer a more convenient way to enjoy the therapeutic benefits of cannabis without ingesting them directly.

There’s the full-spectrum cannabis product containing THC, CBD, and a range of terpenes and pure CBD isolate products. Topicals at Harvest of Athens come in pain relief balm, transdermal patches, and topical creams forms.

Where is the Harvest of Athens located?

Where is the Harvest of Athens located

Where is the Harvest of Athens located

Harvest of Athens is located at 711 W Union St, Athens, OH 45701, USA. It’s so located to make it accessible to people in the locality.

The Columbus and Beavercreek locations are also available for those closer to these areas than Athens. You can also go through the online menu to order desired products and come for pick up at a stipulated time.

Reviews of Harvest of Athens

Below are reviews from some patients of Harvest of Athens:

Reviews of Harvest of Athens

Reviews of Harvest of Athens

“I was impressed with the kind and professional manner in which the staff at Harvest of Athens performed during the first visit to the dispensary. Thank you kindly for the welcoming respect and courtesy afforded me and everyone regarding the importance of medical marijuana and quality of life considerations for those of us who are grateful students and consumers in a civil society.” – Kevin Micheal.

“My first time in, on a Sunday, no less. There was a problem on the State’s end, but the staff helped me work through it, and even though we had a bit of a delay, they got it all sorted out.

They took me back and listened to what I told them I was dealing with from a pain standpoint.

They asked what my preferences were, and they helped me put together a pack of products to try.

Last night was the first time in weeks I’ve slept all night long, and today was the first in months with tolerable pain. It wasn’t gone, but the volume was a lot lower.

I’m impressed and very glad I found Harvest.” – Morgan Sams.

“This was the first dispensary I’d ever visited, so I was a little nervous and didn’t know what to expect. The gentleman at the front desk was very friendly and polite. Once I was walked to the back by Isaac and given a tour of all the different medicines, I felt more at ease; he helped to ease that anxiety I was having by discussing quite a bit of information and setting me up with some great medicines that have worked wonderfully this whole week. Thank you so much for the friendly and calm atmosphere at Harvest of Athens!” – Drew Riley

‘Harvest of Athens is committed to serving our community. Gavin Thompson is the person I interact with the most at Harvest. He is helpful, knowledgeable and is always able to meet my needs (and offer me the best deals) when there are so many products to choose from! He goes out of his way to make connections with his clients and is a huge reason I keep coming back.”- Micheal Fox.

“Very helpful and friendly staff. My favorite dispensary and I go to every new one I can. Isaac took his time and explained a few things to me. Thanks for the great experiences and the munchies.” – Be Rad.

“I had been driving to another dispensary that I will leave unnamed. Then a friend told me about Harvest. I walked into Harvest and was knocked off my feet. Their friendliness and help from the staff out from behind their protective partition. Made me feel like I was a part of their team.

They made me feel at home and helped me pick new medicine since they didn’t have what I wanted.

But, the help and friendly staff made every step of my choosing the right medicine I was looking for so very easy. All I can say is I will never waste gas again to get my medicine.

Thanks to all the Harvest Athens staff for making me feel at home. I’ll see you all again soon.” – John D.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need a medical card to get marijuana at Harvest of Athens dispensary?

You need to have a marijuana card in hand to shop at any cannabis dispensary in the state, including Harvest of Athens. Harvest of Athens is committed to serving only patients that have a recommendation from state-licensed medical marijuana doctors. The dispensary has a wide stock of cannabis products that have been tested for purity and verified for potency, and you need an MMJ card to access all the products.

Are Harvest of Athens medical marijuana products expensive?

Harvest of Athens produces reasonably priced. The brand also offers discounts and deals for patients in Ohio considering medical marijuana treatment can take advantage of.

How do I contact Harvest of Athens?

You can contact the dispensary by filling out the web form on its official website. You can also call +17406168066 or visit the physical store at 711 W Union St, Athens, OH 45701, United States.