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Medical Cannabis for Neuropathy in Dallas, TX

Medical Cannabis for Neuropathy in Dallas, TX

Medical Cannabis for Neuropathy in Dallas, TX

Medical Cannabis for Neuropathy: Neuropathy is a nerve dysfunction that results in numbness, tingling, swelling, and muscle weakness. It is caused by a variety of diseases and its symptoms include loss of coordination and weakness of muscle in the different parts of the body.

This medical condition can be treated with medications and surgery. Certain studies have shown the effectiveness of medical cannabis/ marijuana in people suffering from neuropathic pain. Over the years, medical marijuana has been associated with numerous health benefits, one of which is relief from neuropathic pain.

What Is Neuropathy?

It is defined as a disorder of nerves, it occurs when a nerve or a group of nerves function abnormally. There are four different types of neuropathy which include peripheral, cranial, autonomic, and focal neuropathy.

Peripheral neuropathy refers to the disorder of the nerves in different body regions except for the brain and spinal cord while cranial neuropathy refers to damage to the nerves in the brain.

Autonomic neuropathy is the type of nerve dysfunction that controls the body’s normal physiological functioning such as urination and blood pressure, while focal neuropathy occurs when a nerve is compressed by inflamed or irritated tissues.

The symptoms of the different types of neuropathy range from muscle cramps, muscle weakness, burning pain, loss of balance, numbness, twitching, muscle wasting, reduced sensation to heat and cold, constipation, rapid heart, loss of bowel control, bloating and many others.

Medical Cannabis For Neuropathy

In place of analgesics such as opioids, physicians may use medical cannabis to help relieve neuropathic pain and other symptoms of nerve issues. Medical cannabis contains several cannabinoids.

The most useful ones are Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). Both CBD and THC interact with the Endocannabinoid system in the body to activate it. The activation of the Endocannabinoid system affects neuropathic pain perception.

The different strains of cannabis include cannabis indica, sativa, and hybrid. Cannabis sativa strain with higher THC and lower dose of CBD has energizing effects and anti-anxiety effects and it also helps with mood improvement. The cannabis indica strain is the most suitable for pain management. The indica strain has a higher CBD dose but its THC dose isn’t necessarily a lower dose.

It has a deeply relaxing effect and also helps with sleep problems besides its pain management benefit. The cannabis hybrid strain combines sativa and indica strains. The ratio of the cannabinoids varies depending on their intended use but most hybrids usually have a higher dose of THC. It helps ease the side effects associated with chemotherapy and radiation. Cannabis hybrids also have great anti-anxiety effects.

Consumption Methods of Medical Cannabis for Neuropathy in Dallas, TX

Consumption Methods of Medical Cannabis for Neuropathy in Dallas, TX

Consumption Methods of Medical Cannabis for Neuropathy in Dallas, TX

There are different methods of consuming medical cannabis/marijuana. All the methods are effective but some are more than others.


One of the methods you can use to get marijuana into your body system is smoking. It’s one of the most traditional ways of consuming the cannabis plant. Smoking cannabis allows you to enjoy its benefits quickly and also makes overdosing difficult.

The downside to this method of consumption is that some of the active cannabinoids you’re trying to get into your body are also wasted away in the burning process. You also need to know that smoking is still bad for the lungs regardless of the substance being smoked.


This is also another inhalation method like smoking but it involves vaporization. It’s not associated with the risk of lung damage like smoking. Vaping your marijuana offers a safe inhalation delivery of the cannabinoids without any firm waste.

It also starts exerting its effect instantly and allows you to consume your cannabis more discreetly.


Cannabis edibles come in a variety of forms and flavors. It includes cannabis-infused foods as well as cannabis-filled capsules.

This method of marijuana consumption allows you to enjoy the long-lasting effects of cannabis depending on its metabolism rate. The con of edibles is the risk of overdose as ones can get carried away eating delicious treats. It also takes a much longer time to start exerting its action, unlike the inhalation methods.


Tinctures are oil-based liquids infused with cannabis. Cannabis tinctures are mostly consumed sublingually but some can be applied topically. One of the things you will love about tinctures is precise dosing. It comes with a dropper that can be used for dosing cannabis consumption. It exerts action quickly and it lasts for a while. Tinctures are usually more expensive than other methods.

Tips to Adopt If You’re New to Using Medical Cannabis For Neuropathy in Dallas, TX

Tips to adopt if you’re new to using medical marijuana include considering edibles, starting slowly, knowing your exact required dose to avoid complications, and observing your body’s response to the marijuana.

Research on Medical Cannabis For Neuropathy

There is quite several existing research on the use of medical cannabis for neuropathy. Some have suggested that plant-based medication may serve as an effective and tolerable treatment option for neuropathic pain. Others have concluded that more research should still be undergone to discover the long-term effect of medical marijuana.

Besides that, a lot of studies are still ongoing to determine optimal dosing and route of administration so maximum benefits can be derived from using cannabis for nerve pain.

Medical marijuana directly affects the nervous system through the Endocannabinoid system. This system is responsible for regulating the body’s metabolism as well as immune, mood, and pain responses. The body produces its cannabinoids known as endocannabinoid which is similar to the one in medical marijuana.

The cannabinoids from cannabis plants seamlessly interact with the one in the body to affect the different systems in the body.

The potential benefits you get from medical cannabis for neuropathy include significant pain reduction, sleep improvement, and much better general body functioning.  Although the positive effects are more than its downsides, medical marijuana treatment for neuropathy is also associated with side effects such as addiction, drowsiness, and euphoria.

Getting Medical Cannabis For Neuropathy 

The first step to take if you’re considering medical cannabis for your neuropathy is to find out the legal status in your state. After that you should also check the list of qualifying conditions to know if a nerve issue is part of them, it most likely will be.

After knowing all these, you can then go ahead and ask your physician to write a medical marijuana prescription for you. With your proof of identity, proof of diagnosis, and physician recommendation you can go ahead and apply for a medical marijuana card online.

Once you’ve been issued one, you can then have access to licensed medical marijuana dispensaries in your state where you can get medical marijuana. It’s highly recommended to visit a medical marijuana treatment center to get treatment plans and a guide on how to go about your treatment to get desired results.

Medical Marijuana use is legal in about 37 different states across the United States. Although the use of marijuana is legal across these states, the rules binding its consumption, production, distribution, and the medical conditions that qualify you to use medical marijuana vary across these different states.

There are numerous resources for patients who want to learn more about medical marijuana laws and regulations in their states and country. Reading from authority websites, contacting healthcare service providers, and watching videos can educate you more about laws and regulations in your locality.

The Benefits of Medical Cannabis For Neuropathy Patients

The Benefits of Medical Cannabis For Neuropathy Patients

The Benefits of Medical Cannabis For Neuropathy Patients

The benefits of medical cannabis for neuropathy patients include:

Pain Relief

One of the benefits of using medical marijuana treatment for neuropathic patients is quick relief from pain. Nerves that detect pain in the body have a large number of receptors for cannabinoids. Cannabinoids in medical marijuana bind to these receptors to suppress pain.

Anti-Inflammatory Properties

This characteristic effect of medical cannabis is due to the action of tetrahydrocannabinol in medical cannabis. THC minimizes the production of cytokines and induces apoptosis to mediate anti-inflammatory effects when cannabis is consumed.

Improved Sleep

Appropriate dosing of medical marijuana also improves the quality of sleep in neuropathic patients. This occurs through the action of cannabinoids making it easy to fall asleep and increasing total sleep time.

Reduced Anxiety and Depression

One of the major benefits you get from using medical marijuana for the neuropathic patient is reducing depression and anxiety. Research has shown that plant-based medication helps ease the symptoms of anxiety and lower levels of depression in people using it.


Although a lot of research has shown the effectiveness and safety of medical marijuana in treating neuropathy, it also helps that it’s associated with minimal risk but its long-term effect hasn’t been discovered yet. Hopefully, it doesn’t have any serious long-term effects.

The potential of medical cannabis for neuropathy in Dallas, TX,  as a treatment option is much more than pain relief. It also alleviates certain psychological problems like anxiety. You should consider medical cannabis a beneficial alternative treatment option for neuropathy.